What is glass-blowing?


Glass blowing entails creating various glass sculptures by using molten glass.

The art of glassblowing has been there since 300 BC with the same techniques still applied up to date. The main origin of glassblowing can be traced back into the middle Europe where it was practiced by artisans as a form of art, which involved making catchy glass products in the desired shapes.
I am going to focus on glass blowing as a form of art that is used to make bongs in this post.

A Bong in details

Bongs are mainly glass or plastic sculptures that utilize water, a stem and a bowl to produce smoke. The bowl is packed and water inserted then lit to produce a smooth smoke than any other form of smoking.

A bong has three unique and distinguishing features from any other smoking device.

    • 1.

Water Cavity

    • . The whole bong rests on the first part, which is slightly larger and holds the water. The water acts a filter to the smoke so that it feels easy on your lungs and bronchiole tubules.


    • 2.


    • . It forms the middle part between the water chamber and the top part of the bong. The tube is slightly narrower than the water chamber and acts as the passage for the smoke all the way to the lungs. The tube also provides artistic aesthetic to the bong.


    • 3.


    . The main purpose of the downstream is to usher in air as the user inhales. It presents as a minute hole in the tube with its bottom parts resting in the water chamber. It usually creates bubbles when the user inhales.

Manufacturing of Glass Bongs


    • • The first step in manufacturing glass bongs involves blowing glass.


    • • The Art of Glass Blowing


    • • The first step involves collecting the molten glass using a steel rod through a continuous rotation of the rod to make the molten glass steady and evenly distributed.


    • • Roll the hot molten glass on a Marver until it achieves a symmetrical cylindrical shape. Make sure you continuously roll to prevent it from dripping.


    • • Cap the glass by blowing into the pipe while blocking the hole with your thumb in order to create a bubble


    • • After creating a bubble you need to gather more glass around the bubble .At this point, you can also add a bit of coloring to the piece.


    • • You can now do a bit of structuring to the piece. The structuring should be according to the size of the Bong you want to achieve. You can perfectly achieve the desired shape when you use a soaked newspaper for while rotating the steel rod at all times.


    • • Re-introduce the piece into the Marver where you can perfectly define its shape. Ensure you have somebody who can assist you in blowing the air into the glass through the pipe.


    • After shaping, you can then use large pieces of tongs called jacks to cut in. the neck should be less than the diameter of the pipe.