Creating a Glass Bong


Glass bongs are usually created by the glass blowers.

The glass blowers usually use their breath to blow out the bowls and create the perfect shape for the glass. Before blowing the glass, there are steps that should be followed to ensure that the glass gives out the desired shape of the bong. Artisans usually put in reasonable amounts of silver or gold in a process known as gold or silver fuming.

Other decorations such as the bong’s mouthpiece can be done to the bowers. Slower ovens are highly recommended for slower cooling of the new bong sculptures to prevent futures incidences such as cracks.

Evolution of the Bongs

Glass-bong These pieces of sculptural artistry have a rich history especially in the middle Europe, Asia and some parts of Africa. Their use originated from the practice of medicinal smoking in many societies. Bong was made from different materials in different societies. For instance, excavations in Africa unearth evidence of bamboos and horns, which were used as bongs, the hooks in the 16th century and the Thai Baung made from bronze and silver.

Between 18th and 19th century, bongs rapidly spread in the middle Europe. The trend was majorly escalated by trade and travel. By the end of the 19th century, bongs had gained their way in America. Since then, the technique of making bongs has hugely revolutionized. Today, most of them are made from hand blown glasses that normally change the appearance. A lot of art work is being applied to the bongs today.